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Our tank monitors allow for simple measurement of waste and water levels in plastic tanks, with no need to drill holes or fit anything inside the tank. By attaching our sensors to the side-wall , we can offer single level alarm or multi-level monitors with the touch of our panel.

LIST capacitive sensors adhere to the outer tank wall, placed at the desired level of indication. When the fluid reaches this level, the sensor will change state. LIST touch panel allows the user to check the levels when desired. Waterproof cable connections provide a simple and intuitive installation

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Designed to eliminate spillages from the vent line during re-fuelling (particularly on older boats). Simply stick our sensor to the highest point on outside of the plastic fuel tank and mount the switch close by. Switch on when fuelling and light will go out when the tank is full. Switch off when not in use.

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Robust and reliable High Water Alarm features a stringer mount sensor, connected to our High Water Panel and 100dB alarm.

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Our Boat View monitoring system allows for SIM-free remote monitoring of key systems onboard while your boat is on the dock. Battery, Bilge, Temperature, Humidity, Door/Hatch Opening, PIR and more. SIM free ensures the lowest possible subscription cost. SIM option also available for monitoring when the boat is away from the dock

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Dry-Bilge removes the residual water left in the bilge, when the Bilge Pump has stopped pumping. This is not a substitute for the primary bilge pump, but will reduce smells and dampness on board to protect electrical equipment and keep the boat fresh.

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